Nested sequences of hippocampal assemblies during behavior support subsequent sleep replay

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Science  09 Nov 2018:
Vol. 362, Issue 6415, pp. 675-679
DOI: 10.1126/science.aat2952

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Theta rhythm protects sleep replay

Hippocampal replay of place cell sequences during sleep is critical for memory consolidation in target cortical areas. How is the sequential organization of place cell assemblies maintained across different time scales? Drieu et al. compared periods when a rat either sat passively on a moving train or ran actively on a treadmill on the same train. During the passive movement, the slow behavioral sequence of place cells was still present, but the rapid generation of theta sequences was lost. Active running on the treadmill, however, maintained the theta rhythm. After passive transport, sequence replay during sleep was destroyed, whereas active running protected replay.

Science, this issue p. 675