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Science  11 May 2018:
Vol. 360, Issue 6389, pp. 673
DOI: 10.1126/science.360.6389.673-a

Real-Time PCR Thermal Cyclers

The qTOWER3 product family assures accurate, real-time PCR results that benefit from precise temperature control in the sample block, regardless of the number of samples used. A patented, fiberoptic shuttle system with its unique light source, composed of four high-performance LEDs, guarantees the ideal excitation of known fluorescent dyes up to the deep-red range. In the process, the detection module can accept up to six different color filter modules. The silver-block technology of the quantitative PCR cyclers offers fine control of ±0.1°C over the entire 96-well block in a 0.2-mL format. Thanks to the gradient function, the device can be optimally adapted to new assays. Cyclers are available either as standalone devices with integrated touchscreen operation (10 in.) or as computer-aided systems. The software includes a broad spectrum of optimized analysis algorithms, including absolute and relative quantification, delta-delta cycle threshold (ddCt) method, PCR efficiency, allelic discrimination, endpoint detection, and melting curve and protein analysis.

Taq DNA Polymerase

BioReady Taq Polymerase is a great choice for your everyday PCR needs. This recombinant DNA polymerase is optimized for improved efficiency, and can amplify between 50 base pairs (bp) and 5,000 bp. When used with any of our thermal cyclers, protocols can be completed in less than 1 hour. BioReady Taq is manufactured under stringent GMP control, and though we don't recommend it, this ultrapure enzyme extract is still fully active after days at 37°C. It is also a great enzyme to consider for dramatically reducing the cost of your quantitative PCR experiments. 

PCR Machine

Eppendorf's new Mastercycler X50 accommodates PCR with outstanding speed and optimization capabilities. With heating rates averaging 10°C/s, Eppendorf provides a rapid 96-well cycler compatible with standard-format consumables. PCR optimization reaches a new magnitude with the innovative 2D-Gradient, which brings totally new expectations for PCR yields and specificity. Additionally, the intuitive touchscreen interface helps users program the PCR cycler even faster, and connectivity to Eppendorf's VisioNize software offers a broad range of monitoring functions.

SNP Genotyping System

Integrated DNA Technologies' rhAmp SNP Genotyping System enables researchers to make accurate, confident, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) calls both quickly and cost-effectively. rhAmp technology uses a unique ribonuclease H2/DNA polymerase two-enzyme system coupled with RNA–DNA hybrid primers, to eliminate nonspecific amplification and primer-dimer formation, which are challenges for other genotyping chemistries. The rhAmp SNP chemistry matches the current market leader for accuracy (greater than 99.5% call accuracy in over 90% of assays), and also provides simple, fast, and affordable results, with assays shipped in less than seven business days. Saving time and simplifying workflow, rhAmp SNP features a simple, single-tube assay setup that is easily automated and designed to work on all leading commercially available quantitative PCR platforms. Custom assay design is also available for proprietary and nonhuman SNP designs. The rhAmp Genotyping Design Tool can deliver designs in difficult sequence regions, accommodating very short amplicons (as small as 40 base pairs).

PCR Beads

PuReTaq Ready-To-Go PCR Beads are premixed, predispensed, single-dose reactions optimized for performing standard PCR amplifications. The use of recombinant PuReTaq DNA polymerase and other high-purity reagents guarantees reliable, robust performance in both endpoint and real-time fluorescence-based PCR amplifications, and ensures the lowest possible levels of contaminating prokaryotic and eukaryotic nucleic acids. These beads are preformulated to provide greater reproducibility between reactions, minimize pipetting steps, and reduce the potential for pipetting errors and contamination. The only additional reagents required are water, primers, and template DNA. The beads come predispensed into either 0.2-mL or 0.5-mL PCR tubes. The 0.2-mL tubes are also supplied in a 96-well (8 × 12) plate format, allowing individual strips of eight tubes to be easily removed. This flexibility enables use of the entire plate, strips of eight, or individual 0.2-mL tubes.

PCR Plates

FrameStar plates feature thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR results, combined with a rigid polycarbonate frame to increase the plate's thermal stability during PCR. Unlike a standard polypropylene plate, the FrameStar plate will not warp and expand with rapid heating and cooling, so the integrity of the seals will remain consistent and less of your sample will evaporate. With FrameStar, you can spend less on expensive reagents because you will retain more during PCR. Each plate variety comes in a range of colors, including white wells for real-time PCR and quantitative PCR.

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